The Programme

talk H 11:00
Quartiere S. Stefano - Sala Prof. Marco Biagi


Specchi di perturbante realtà

with Matteo Gaspari, Erik Svetoft, Stefano Caselli

The spaces drawn by Erik Svetoft in his comics are haunted by grotesque creatures and disturbing entities that recall certain aspects typical of Internet aesthetics -  that is, all the liminal spaces of the Net in which subcultures proliferate and constitute an alien territory. Svetoft rereads his work together with Stefano Caselli, researcher in the field of gaming, and Matteo Gaspari.
The talk will be in Italian and English.

Entry: libero

Duration: 1h30

The talk is part of "Borders, Conflicts, Communities", realized in collaboration with the Erasmus Mundus course in European Literary Cultures at the University of Bologna, Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna. In partnership with Swedish Arts Council.
opening H 12:30
Attraverso libreria indipendente per l'infanzia e l'adolescenza

Hidden Worlds and Dogs

mostra di poster del corso di Illustrazione della UMPRUM di Praga


The students of the BA in Illustration of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague created a series of Wimmelbild posters, large-scale illustrations kids (and adults) can observe looking for clues, characters and hidden details. 

Entry: libero

Curated by Studio of Illustration and Graphics AAAD Prague. Sponsored by Czech Literary Centre (a section of Moravian Library in Brno).
talk H 15:30
Quartiere S. Stefano - Sala Prof. Marco Biagi

The Walking City

Da L'uomo che cammina a La città che cammina - mutazioni di una macchina inefficace

with Leonardo Delogu

Besides drawing, other arts deal with the relationship between bodies, spaces and the imaginary. One of them is performance art: Leonardo Delogu, member of DOM- collective, reflects through his artistic practice (and specifically his walking performances) on the interactions between power, nature, culture and marginality in public spaces.
The talk will be in Italian.

Entry: libero

Duration: 1h30

talk H 17:30
Quartiere S. Stefano - Sala Prof. Marco Biagi

Vite a schiera

with Miguel Vila, Alessandro Tota, Jacopo Gresleri

In his Northeast Trilogy - Padovaland, Fiordilatte and Comfortless, all published by Canicola - Miguel Vila has created a fresco of the Italian northeastern province, a place where natural elements and industrial architecture, grass and concrete, become symbols of a collective moral decline. He discusses the relationship between comics   characters and their environment  with Alessandro Tota, who has chronicled provicial life in southern Italy, and architect Jacopo Gresleri.
Students of Architecture and member of Ordine degli Architetti Bologna can receive 1 CFP upon presenting self-certification. 

Entry: libero

Duration: 1h30

In partnership with Canicola, Ordine Architetti di Bologna.
opening H 19:30
Phi Hotel Bologna Al Cappello Rosso

Ad occhi aperti Room

with Eliana Albertini

Opening of the room by Eliana Albertini at Phi Hotel Al Cappello Rosso.

Entry: libero

In collaborazione con Phi Hotel Bologna Al Cappello Rosso.