Ad occhi aperti

Ad occhi aperti

preview November 18

NOVEMBER 23 - 26, 2023 / Bologna

Ad occhi aperti is an international festival dedicated to comics and drawing in all its forms, curated by Hamelin.

After 15 editions of BilBOlbul International Comics Festival, and in a cultural landscape that went through a complete turnover during that time, it felt necessary to imagine a different kind of event.
More than a festival, Ad occhi aperti is an attempt to create a conversation around a chosen topic, using drawing as a lens to look at what is going on around us. 


Drawing means creating spaces. Stydying how comics and other forms of visual storytelling represent the relationship between living beings and spaces is fascinating because that relationship is currently shifting.

How is comics representing this shift? How does it materialize in the stories we read?

The first edition of Ad occhi aperti begins with these questions. And, since it does not pretend to find answers, it has a question as a title: Here? echoes Richard McGuire's famous graphic novel, which tried to tell a universal story by focusing its gaze on a private space, the living room of the artist's family house.

The question mark expresses a doubt, or rather a concern: can we still form such an entrenched relationship with the spaces we inhabit?

Ad occhi aperti is delves into this question through the work of several comics artists who are experimenting with the concept of space.


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